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Upcoming events

Please join Dr. David for one or more
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upcoming events.
Upcoming events
We hope to see you soon!

We like to bring people together through awesome events, such as workshops, conferences, Sunday talks and life's rituals. Check out what's coming up.

  • Sunday Talks and Sermons

    Dr. David Goldberg is a licensed minister through two international denominations, Centers for Spiritual Living (Science of Mind) and Unity Worldwide Ministeries. He often serves as a guest minister at centers and churches across Colorado and beyond.

    Join Dr. David for an inspirational Sunday message on the following dates.

    April 14 - Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality, 1400 Williams, Denver, CO. Service time is 10:30 AM Mountain Time. Workshop on Tranquil Transitions from 1 to 3 PM, main sanctuary. Energy exchange is $34 at the door.

    May 12 - New Dawn Center for Spiritual Living, meeting at Mountain View United Church, 10700 E. Evans Ave., Aurora, CO. Service time is 1:30 PM Mountain Time. Workshop on Tranquil Transitions from 3 to 4 PM. Suggested love offering is $20 at the door.

    May 26 - Unity in the Mountains, meeting at Miller Ranch Community Center in Edwards, CO. Service time is 5:30 PM Mountain Time.

  • Tranquil Transitions Workshop

    Are you seeking guidance and support during life's transitions? Are you facing a major life change? Feeling overwhelmed in your current situation? Our lives are busy and full and sometimes we just need some help. Let Dr. David help you through personal growth, career changes, relationship transitions, life milestones and end-of-life choices.

    Dr. David has offered extensive support beyond life coaching working with individuals and families moving through choices as you or a loved one prepare to release the physical body. He also offers support grief support for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

    During this workshop, Dr. David will provide information about documents that you need to have in place as well as lead a conversation about your memorial service and how you want to be honored. While the topic is serious, Dr. David brings a lightness to the conversations we all need to have. Leave with documents and information to help you put your knowledge into an action plan immediately.

  • Emergenetics Workshop

    Emergenetics is a modern take on the concept of nature and nuture. "Genetics" is what we come into the world with and "Emerge" is the blank slate theory that our parents, schools, churches and institutions make us who we are. Emergenetics understands that it's both ideas that combine to make us who we are.

    Learn how you and others, think and behave. Emergenetics is a personality assessment tool like Myers-Briggs, Disc and StrengthsFinder. It looks at four thinking attributes - analytical, structural, conceptual and social; as well as three behavioral attributes - expressiveness, assertiveness and flexibility.

    The tool was created more than 30 years ago. There are more than one million profiles in the database and the assessment is available in 21 languages.

    Have a conversation with Dr. David about bringing Emergenetics into your workplace. Whether a powerful team of four or dozens of District Attorneys in Colorado (one of his clients), Emergenetics can help you understand yourself and work together more effectively.